General Discussion | 综合讨论区

Please use the language specific categories | 请使用对应语言的特定板块

Official Announcements | 官方公告

Announcements related to Cyber Republic. Don’t believe it unless you’ve heard it from us. | 此板块会发布和Cyber Republic的官方公告。不要相信任何非官方的公告。

Cyber Republic Consensus | 共识讨论区 (CRC)

Please keep discussions about council members, actions and elections here. | 请在此板块讨论委员会成员、动态和选举等话题。

Developer Discussion | 开发人员讨论区

Please keep all technical questions and discussions here, we hope all developers use English so we can share our knowledge, but this is not a requirement, thank you. | 请在此板块中只讨论技术相关问题,我们希望所有的开发者都能用英语以便进行分享,但是这并不是个必要条件,谢谢。

Partnership Discussion | 合作伙伴讨论区

This section is for discussion about Elastos partnerships | 请再此板块讨论亦来云合作伙伴事宜。

Global Regions & Countries | 全球地区和国家

Please let us know if you’d like to add a region/country.

Cyber Republic Teams | 团队

Feel free to start your own thread to advertise your team or recruit others. | 请自由地创建主题来展示自己的团队,或者进行员工招聘。

Off-Topic Discussion | 其他话题讨论

Talk about anything here, this category will still be monitored to maintain civility and a welcome environment for everyone. | 这个板块可以随意交流,但是仍然会被监控从而保证整体的友好氛围。